road trip 2008Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We rise with the sun, still can’t seem to shake that 6am wake-up, and decide to take a drive to the eastern side of the canyon. Desert View Drive takes us around the rim of the canyon and we make stops at each of the scenic spots. The views are amazing and we are early enough to beat the crowds. The pictures say it best. As we head back to camp, several tour buses pass by the opposite direction, good thing we got up early.

In the canyon, we are getting no cell or internet service (ahh, that’s the life) so we spend the afternoon in Tusayan, a town located at the south entrance to the canyon. RP’s Stage Stop, an internet café, turns out to be a good place to spend some time getting photos downloaded to the blog and writing text. A few friends have mentioned there were no new entries on the blog as of late (you know who you are Thom Johnson). We sit with dueling laptops in two easy chairs. There is a trio of lovely ladies sitting opposite us and Frank notices that they are glancing over, must be his dashing island looks and dark tan. Later he realizes he had spilt his iced mocha down the front of his shirt, uh yeah, now completely dry, he’s dashing off to the restroom.