road trip 2008Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We wake up this morning to the sounds of trains rolling by. The sound of the train is actually not as annoying as you would think, well maybe that’s just us. After we break camp, it’s in to the town of Seligman for breakfast at the Copper Cart, a Route 66 diner. Our waitress, who was not all that happy, took our order and brought us plates of food that would have fed a Somalian family of four. No one in the diner besides us spoke English. French couple over here, Spanish group there and 2 tables of Italians! Once completely gorged, we were miraculously able to roll our bodies out of the restaurant; we headed down 66 on foot to check out a few shops. For about a half-mile stretch there is nothing but gitchy-gatchy shops catering to tourists. It is very strange being on Route 66 in America; it seems that the only people that are out here are the French, Germany and Italians. It almost feels like being in a foreign country, we hear so little English spoken. We stopped at the Snow Cap Drive-In which presented multiple fun photo ops.

Out of Seligman on Route 66 is probably one of the more beautiful drives of the trip. Tall Black-eyed Susans line both sides of this road of rolling hills as we move up and towards Williams. We make a stop in Ash Fork, the flagstone capitol of the world; and you were wondering where that might be, well now you know. As we climb higher, the desert begins to fade away and make room for a more alpine look. Just outside of Williams it seemed we were back in the Pacific NW.