road trip 2008Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Williams is a launching pad for the Grand Canyon. It is a very picturesque little town filled with Route 66 memorabilia shops and restaurants. We are drawn in to the Java Cycle by the “Free WIFI” sign in the window. As we are standing at the counter about to order, a guy to whom the barista girl was trying to brush off hands her his card; then a group of kids walk in and hand her a flyer; and finally the postman hands her the mail. All within a ten second period! Unprepared with his own propaganda, Thomas grabs a flyer off the counter, hands it to the overloaded barista and orders a raspberry latte.

After wandering around the Grand Canyon Railroad Station, we begin the one hour or so drive to the national park. En route, we stop at the Planes of Fame Air Museum for some snaps of some classic flying machines. Arriving at the Grand Canyon, we set up camp in a flash; we are getting pretty fast at this already. The family to our right is French (of course they are) and the family across the way is Canadian (say no more).

We walked to the rim of the canyon to enjoy a peaceful view of the sunset. Apparently, that was everyone else’s intent as well. We were stampeded by groups of people pushing and shoving to have their special moment and photo of the sunset. Despite the crowd, it was absolutely stunning.